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  • Passion. Authentic. Foster. Collaborate.


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About Us

Established in 2009, the company’s portfolio of assets has grown to include significant development projects across Melbourne as well as the Bendigo region.

YourLand Developments is a property developer built around four keywords – passion, authentic, foster and collaborate – that have been the guiding force for the business since launching in Bendigo in 2009.

Our mantra and mindset rings true throughout the whole company and, with those keywords in mind, we aim to deliver the very best for our communities.

Regardless of a project’s size – whether it’s 20 homes or our flagship $1 billion River Valley community, YourLand’s determined team of property and development leaders is committed to leaving a legacy of thriving, well planned communities where people aspire to live, work, relax and raise their families.

The team prides itself on collaborating with other industry experts to maximise its range of residential density possibilities, lot sizes, housing options and amenities so that there’s something for everyone at each YourLand community.

YourLand is known for its ability to create broadly appealing communities with rich social fabric and the company achieves this by being authentic, highly collaborative and genuinely caring.