Strength & Capabilities

We don’t just deliver – we create. While our legacy is the projects we deliver, what often goes unseen is the opportunity creation and strategic planning work that commenced many years before the project took shape. This is what sets YourLand apart.

Opportunity Creation and Unlocking Value

YourLand has developed long-standing relationships with landowners across Victoria. These relationships, built on YourLand’s core values, provide YourLand the opportunity to work with landowners long before they are ready sell and move on from their properties.

YourLand can unlock the value and development potential of land holdings through:

  • Understanding government planning policy and drivers.
  • Aggregation of disparate landowners into a collective group
  • Rezoning of land.
  • Sponsoring or participating in the PSP process.
  • Working with industry leaders.
  • Understanding strategic planning framework and the government
    agencies involved.
  • Engagement of in-house planning team in early phase of projects.
Acquisition — Financial Modelling, Deal Structure and Finance

The number one driver of YourLand’s growth has been our ability to model, negotiate and structure deals ranging from straight acquisitions to development management agreements and partnerships.

What sets YourLand apart in this space is:

  • Agility – one size doesn’t fit all.
  • Ability to understand the motivations and risk appetite of vendors and investors and structure transactions that meet the requirements of both over the life of the project.
  • Access to equity investment through longstanding partnerships.
  • Access to debt funding underpinned by our proven track record.

Until a project is delivered it isn’t real! The Delivery Team is the engine room of YourLand. Our Development Managers possess diverse skills across civil engineering, construction, planning, commerce, architecture, valuation and project management. The team works closely together and this sharing of knowledge creates a cohort more powerful than the individuals within it.

In addition to our internal resources, YourLand has long-standing partnerships with the most reputable consultant teams across Victoria and can assemble the right internal and external team to deliver any project.


We create communities for people, and the success of our communities is measured by the people who interact with them. Marketing is the key to connecting with those people via a communication loop: understanding what they want and communicating we what we can offer them. This internal capability is key to the success of our projects, ensuring each one always meets the market.

YourLand Realty

An external sales agent is never going to have the same passion as we do for our projects, which is why we created YourLand Realty our licensed real estate agency. Our dedicated sales consultants convey our passion to our customers. They create a direct link from the sales floor back to the marketing and delivery teams, serving as a direct measure of our ability to meet the market’s needs.


Constantly changing and evolving, we are never settled with where we are – we always want to be better. We have the risk appetite, capability and youthful energy to set us apart at the forefront of the industry, never following the pack.



YourLand’s significant residential developments are renowned for their sense of belonging. For 15 years, we’ve built communities where families come together to realise their dreams, plans and ambitions. Places where people can grow together.

YourLand residential
Artist impression
Artist impression


We create projects that deliver the amenity businesses and industry need to succeed. An outstanding reputation for developments of the highest quality underpins our business and investor partnerships.