Our vision to leave a positive legacy is underpinned by our commitment to sustainability.

Social sustainability is creating vibrant, resilient communities that will stand the test of time. Environmental sustainability is achieved through the products we use, the trees we plant and the trees we leave undisturbed.

These are intrinsic to the health and happiness of our communities.

Sustainability is at the heart of our communities.

YourLand’s commitment to sustainability, vibrant communities, environmental preservation, and authentic connections is redefining urban living.

We strive to leave a positive legacy, which means we work tirelessly and with passion to build resilient, sustainable communities that will stand the test of time.

Total pipeline

16,000+ lots

Current and future projects

20+ projects

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23 Oct 2023

YourLand Mixed-use

With our significant expertise in residential, industrial, and commercial development, YourLand excels at creating mixed-use spaces that feel seamlessly integrated, encourage human connection, celebrate nature, and deliver convenience. Unique destinations where community, culture, and commerce intersect.   View Projects

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23 Oct 2023

YourLand Industrial

We create projects that go above and beyond to deliver what businesses need to succeed, such as forward-thinking services and excellent amenities. An outstanding reputation for developments of the highest quality underpins our business and investor partnerships.   View Projects

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23 Oct 2023

YourLand Commercial

Our commercial developments interweave an impressive array of offerings: office space, retail, sports and entertainment facilities, restaurants and bars, green space, and much more. Partnering with ambitious and fast-growing businesses, we create destinations where people can shop, eat, explore and enjoy life.

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