Sustainable from the ground up.

A two-pronged commitment to sustainability

Our mission to leave a positive legacy is grounded in a commitment to two types of sustainability: social and environmental. Social sustainability is creating vibrant, interconnected communities that will stand the test of time. Environmental sustainability is baked into our designs from day one and includes the materials we use and recycle, the structures we create, and the natural biodiversity we support and protect. This approach is intrinsic to the health and happiness of our communities.

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Conscious of our impact. Connected with the wider world.

Here are just a few ways we embrace social and environmental sustainability:
• Water-sensitive urban design, from roadside raingardens to smart irrigation systems that recycle water.
• Buildings that incorporate sustainable design and utilise green and renewable energies.
• Pedestrian- and bike-friendly streetscapes enhancing connection and wellness.
• The use of indigenous flora that support local biodiversity while minimizing excess water usage.
• Use of site-generated and recycled materials, such as incorporating crushed rock from the build site into the production of walls.
• Privileging ESG-certified retailers and contractors when awarding tenders.
• Structures that harmonise with site conditions while safeguarding local waterways.
• Residential and commercial options at a variety of price points to foster a diverse community, enabling more connected visitors, shoppers, workers, and residents.

See sustainable development in action.

Canopy coverage and recycled water for tree irrigation contribute to this environmentally responsible community incorporating the latest in sustainable living. Featuring 9 hectares of open green space, waterways, parks, and recreational areas, it’s designed to support the social heart and soul of the neighbourhood.

River Valley

Featuring homes that incorporate sustainable design and renewable energy, this pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood lives in harmony with the natural environment while fostering a sense of community.